Blades parents are just as much of a family as the athletes. Through early morning practices, bus rides, and ice show weekends, our parents become their own team. Our amazing parents form an essential support team to the Blades, providing the best possible experience for skaters and their families. We believe that parents are an essential to the behind-the-scenes success of our skaters.

The Fond du Lac Blades program is a stable, fiscally responsible, volunteer-run organization.  

2018-2019 Blades Committee Members

Blades Committee
Stephanie Korb, Chair
Evgeny Drapkin, Out-Of-Town Board Member
Dave VanErem, Out-Of-Town Board Member
Jessica Sabel, FDL Board Member
TJ Baseley, FDL Board Member
Jessica Arndt, FDL Board Member
Kim Trent, FDL Board Member
Evie Schaefer, FDLFSC President rep.
Angie Duel, FDLFSC Treasurer rep.