2017-2018 Teams

2016-2017 Junior Team


This is the highest level team for the Blades. The 2015-16 Junior team was selected to represent the United States as part of TEAM USA, and went on to earn a Bronze medal at the Neuchatel Trophy competition in Neuchatel, Switzerland.  The team followed up by taking the Pewter medal at the US Nationals.

  • 12-16 skaters
  • Ages 13-19
  • Moves requirement: Novice
  • Skaters compete under the International Judging System
  • Eligible for national and international competition

2016-2017 Intermediate Team


The Intermediate team is the most decorated Fondy Blades division in the club's history: 8-time Midwestern Champions and 4-time National Champions, with two Midwestern silver medals, two National silver medals, and two National bronze medals.

  • 12-20 skaters
  • Must be younger than 18 years old
  • Moves requirement: Juvenile
  • Skaters compete under the International Judging System
  • Eligible for national competition.

2016-2017 Juvenile Team


The goal of the Juvenile team is to develop performance and technical skills, and ready them for advancement to Intermediate and, eventually, Junior.

  • 8 - 16 skaters
  • Majority must be younger than 12 years old
  • Moves requirement: None

2016-2017 Beginner Team

Synchro Skills 2 (Beginner)

The goal of the Beginner team is to introduce Basic Skills-level skaters to the sport of synchronized skating. Skaters can sign up for this team in August, and are encouraged (but not required) to attend April tryouts.

  • 8-16 skaters
  • Moves requirement:  Preliminary or below
  • Majority must be under the age of 12