Junior 2 (1).jpg

Kalamazoo:  2nd Short, 2nd Freeskate
Dr. Porter:  (4, 4) 4th
Foot of the Lake: Exhibition
Mozart Cup, Austria: (6, 5) 5th
Nationals: (6, 5) 5th



Intermediate 2.jpg

Kalamazoo: 3rd
Dr. Porter:  12th
Foot of the Lake: 5th
Midwesterns: 10th
Swan Synchro Classic: 2nd



Pre Juv 1.jpg

Kalamazoo: 1st
Dr. Porter:  1st
Foot of the Lake: 2nd
Midwesterns: 2nd
Swan Synchro Classic: 4th
Synchro Green Bay:  1st



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